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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Edited Photo Fun :)

Think i should really buy a new jacket it doesnt seem 2 suit me anymore, dunno why though but ah well go figure :)
Ah well back 2 the sunbeds 2 top myself up!

Friday, 29 February 2008

Hot Chocolate Disaster!

Well first time ive really bought hot chocolate from a coffee place be4 but lanna talked me into it in the morning. so we went to Costa n bought 2 Hot chocolates with marshmallows n whipped cream :) was nice but durin the time we drank it i had discussed the fact id hate 2 have the lid come off as i drank it but luckly enough it didnt happen.

So come lunchtime we decided 2 buy another 1 even tho i had 2 buy lannas for her since shes poor lol so we got the same, me n david burnt our tongues which wasnt good either lol but we started making our way back 2 college with the hot chocolates drinkin them on the way. By the time we were outside it was nice n warm so it was easy 2 drink without being burnt so i was drinkin it quite fast. Got to the final couple of sips and BOOM the lid comes off and goes all over my jacket n down my top n being a light blue top it completely stands out looking like ive got dried blood all down my top lol. The one thing i feared most about the hot chocolate happened. Whats the chances!!!!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Been a while

Its been a while since my last post done many assesments and basically worked my socks (david suggested the choice of words there) off since i have 2 cover a guys shifts because he was arrested for being an illegal imigrant lol not a phone call u expect to get but hopefully get someone new starting next week so i can get some time for myself. college 9am-4:30pm then work 6pm till 10pm 5 days a week + workin 8am shifts weekends rly ruins the life i have lol.

well theres the first blog of many to come (well when i get more time for myself lol)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

X-mas / New Year

Well thats it over for yet another year, it aint really that excitin now im 21 especially since ive found out at this age my uncles n aunties stop givin presents so i was gutted lol apart from that it was still good just the usual family thing, sister was up only see her about once a year so that was good aswell altho she was just after my cash when i was in town, no change there tho lol.

New year sister had left by this point so the cash was all for me lol but i just stayed down at my local so it wasnt that great, was gonna go into town n see travis n do whatever but couldnt get intouch with any1 so just gave up. Dont really remember what time i got in since after about 1 my memory really just disappeared lol.
Woke up about 4 from wot i remember feeling completely dead, clothes thrown all over my room and on the stairs but least i had made to my bed :P

well thats it for a year like i said :) same again next x-mas / new year i bet but i just hope i cant remember more of it :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Photo-Walk In College

My Team Mate Davidoff!!!

Last week i was teamed up with davidoff to make "Team Extreme". We were given a camera and the objective of this was to walk around college while taking photos of our magical journey so that people could see wot we found n thought was interesting to show off. First we started off at the 2Nd floor.
I used the camera while David used his phone for a few photos. We did end up finding some rather odd photos which i don't think we even knew why we took them.

From the 4Th floor we made our way down to the ground floor in search of more weird and wonderful things. During our wild adventure we came across these amazing finds that we had 2 take a photo of.

After we discovered these photos we turned the corner and found another few photos but these werent weird in any way it was just more festive n x-masy and since its coming upto X-mas we thought why the hell not. So here they are.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Not The Best Day

Well just got back from college on wednesday i think it was 2 find the monitor of my computer dead, took it 2 bits 2 try fix it, changed the fuse in the socket took roughly about an hour doin everythin i could, put it all back together and then plugged it all back in.......... still not working. In a way this kinda a good thing because it just forced me to buy myself a new computer but set me back £955. Goodbye birthday money lol. Instead of buyin a ready built computer tho ive decided 2 buy all the parts i want n build it myself which i think will be a good experience building my first computer from scratch. treated myself to a nice 20" widescreen monitor which i cant wait 2 get lol. Bought vista since ill have 2 update at some point and SP1 will be out in roughly a month or somethin anyway. Lets just hope everything goes 2 plan :D

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

First Post

Hi, My names richard. just recently had my 21st birthday which was really good :) ive recently just started college also doing computing and IT which so far has been really good, good class mates so it doesnt get boring so im always interested. i work part time at my local while also goin 2 college it kills me but i need the money :) well this is all for now but ill be adding alot more as time goes on.